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Cate Cutshall Sutz



It is Cate’s mission as a Realtor to guide and advise her clients through each aspect of the process of a home transaction in a way that promotes peace and confidence. In life, she is a teacher, problem solver, adventure seeker, and proactive leader. In business, she draws on these same qualities to put her mission into action.
Cate has had a wide range of experiences in business and leisure that allow her to connect on a personal level with her clients. She lives a very active lifestyle running her own business as a paddleboard adventure tour guide and thrives on new experiences that challenge her which has led to many fun adventures from surfing to mountain climbing. She has traveled to and from many of the busiest metropolitan areas to the smallest towns of this country while working in the airline industry and realized that people from every corner of the globe have certain things in common. We all laugh, we all smile, we all want to be understood, and we all need a place to call home.
The places she has called home are as diverse as my experiences. She draws from this background to effectively connect with her clients who are coming in to this area from other locations. She has lived in the big city of Manhattan while working at the Metropolitan Museum Art. Conversely, she has lived in the Village of Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu while running the administrative and sales offices of Wyland Galleries World Wide. After growing up in a little town outside of Pittsburgh, she moved right into Washington, DC where she again experienced what it is like to live in dramatically different environments. Currently, her home is in Conway and it has been for the last 23 years. When a location has this many options, there is no need to look further! Cate finds these experiences help her tune in to the personal, business, and recreational needs of her clients and their families which, in turn, leads to a greater connection and overall success in achieving the lifestyle they dream of as well as in the process of buying their home.
Cate looks forward to introducing you to not only your next home, but absolutely all that this dynamic area has to offer from the beach to the waterway and so far beyond. You can now call this your home!